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Trishaw old city tour Chiang mai Ticket

Trishaw old city tour Chiang mai


Trishaw Rotary Community Corps
Trishaw old city tour Chiang mai

Trishaw old city tour Chiang mai

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Trishaw old city tour Chiang mai

Trishaw old city tour Chiang mai 3 Hrs

Special Tickets of Impressive Ride with Cycle Rickshaw around Chiang Mai Old City (Chiang Mai Trishaw Project)

Enjoy with another travel style with local trishaw around the old city of Chiang Mai, you will get pleasant view along the way with local trishaw ride pass. This one travel type is the good idea for travelers who loves local style, visits many temple around the old city, eco-friendly travel and also support local people to have additional incomes as well, including absorb the local way of elderly people who become the trishaw rider.

Chiang Mai Trishaw Project

is a project which is contributed by Rotary Club of Chiang Mai and supported by local universities and business such as Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna, Chiang Mai Provincial Police, TMB Bank Public Company Limited, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Chiang Mai Office, The Association of Northern Tourism Federation, etc. The project aims to support sustainable travel which is one of charming things in Chiang Mai and also improve the quality of life trishaw riders in Chiang Mai simultaneously. You will be highly satisfied when you have a wonderful trip with this project.

Ticket for Wonderful Trishaw Trip around Chiang Mai Old City

Meeting Point: Tha Pae Gate, Three Kings Monument, or accommodations in Chiang Mai Old City. Time: 8 am - 6 pm Tourist will be satisfied with slowly ride and charming view along the way you pass around old city. you can take many photos with highlight points, many temples in the old city such as Phra Singh temple, Punsao temple, Lok Molee temple, Chiang Man temple, Tha Pae Gate, Chedi Luang temple, Three Kings Monument, Chiang Mai city arts & Cultural center, Duang Dee temple, Pun Tao temple, etc. This trip will take time around 2-3 hours which you can drop any point that you want. One tourist per one trishaw

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